Facts On Syrian Civilian Abuse
It is common knowledge that there has been armed conflict in Syria. Countries like the United States and Russia have tried to intervene in vain. The humanitarian crisis is not any better, in fact, it seems to be getting worse by the day. To learn more about Syrian Civilian Abuse, visit  this product. The number of people who have lost their lives through the fighting is so high. About 470,000 people have died and the number of deaths is escalating.

Many civilians have been internally displaced and have had to seek refuge abroad. Those who were not so lucky as to escape have been besieged and are living without any humanitarian aid. They are being tortured and denied food and shelter. Armed groups working against the government are doing these sieges.

The government is a big part of the disappearance and detention of people since the year 2011. These detainees are tortured and some of them die due to the conditions they are living in. Islamic terror groups spread the violence and fighting by kidnapping and torturing civilians. There are other armed groups that are against the government who are also part of the fighting and killing that is happening in Syria. They are taking child soldiers from among the civilians and making sure that these people don't get humanitarian aid.

An inquiry into this crisis has found out that the Syrian government used chemicals as a weapon when they attacked Idlib in 2015. Read more about  Syrian Civilian Abuse  at Mark Dubowitz of FDD. The military flights that were used for some of the attacks were also discovered and the units known but the commanders were not named because the Syrian government refused to give out that information. The Islamic terror groups used sulfur gas to attack an area under siege by the armed groups.

It is also crucial to take into account that there has been a decrease in the number of deaths. However, it was only but for a short while and the attacks went on and on through out the year. It is obvious that the attacks are totally dreadful and they ended up killing a lot of Syrian civilians. On the other hand, the death increased due to the fact that airstrikes destroyed health facilities leaving the injured unattended to. Death toll had to increase as there was no one or equipment as well as medicine to cater to those injured and bruised during the attacks. The solution is negotiating and ultimately peace and harmony shall be restored. Learn more from

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