What You Need To Know About Syrian Civilian Abuse
The armed conflict in Syria began as protests against the government before it escalated into real war. In 2011, some teenagers painted revolutionary mottos on their school wall; this led to their arrest and torture. As a result, the civilians took to the streets and started demonstrating against the arrests. To learn more about Syrian Civilian Abuse,  visit  view here. The security forces responded with shootings to disperse them, killing some of these protesters. This then led to even more taking to the streets to demonstrate.

The conflict escalated leading to more deaths and unrest in the country. To make the matter worse, Islamic terror groups spread even more violence across the country by kidnapping people and torturing them. The government trying to stop the unrest caused even more of it because they started detaining people and torturing them. Over 177,000 people have disappeared since 2011 because of the indiscriminate attacks on the civilians by both the Syrian government and other governments that intervened into the situation like Russia.

Government forces have detention facilities where they hold civilian against their will. They have blocked any kind of humanitarian assistance from getting to them. This, and torture are the causes of the deaths that are happening at these siege areas.

Peaceful activists and journalists have been arrested and detained against their will. Most of these detainees end up dying because of lacking life-sustaining facilities. Those that are injured are left to die because there is no medical aid allowed. Any humanitarian assistance is blocked and therefore no one is able to help these civilians.

Chemicals have been used as weapons to attack these civilians that are detained. The government has been accused of being behind the attacks. The rockets that were fired at the civilians having the chemicals in them are said to be military. To get more info, click here!The military units have identified by the inquiry in to these attacks.

It is essential to keep in mind that the death toll had increased due to the lack of medical attention and facilities. This was mainly because of the airstrikes that led to the destruction of hospitals and other health facilities as well as supplies. If people lack medical attention, then the possibility of people dying shall be high. It is also crucial to note that there were times when the death toll had increased but for a short period of time. Another important factor to keep in mind is that attacks were designed to destroy health facilities and a couple of patients lost their lives. Learn more from

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